Fall Breeze (II)

My phone buzzed in my pocket once. A text. I decided to ignore it. It buzzed again. Another text? Just as I was reaching for my pocket, it buzzed a third time. I let out an exasperated sigh and pulled my phone out, pausing in the middle of the street to read the texts I'd received.

Nick: It's quite chilly today May - make sure you're wearing enough layers! (^.^)

Leo: Siri tells me it's only 39°F but there will be strong winds this Monday. Keep warm Makayla.

Damien: Brrrr, I'm cooooold. Get your butt to school faster. I wanna hug you.

I snorted at each of their texts, but especially at the last one. It's funny how I could easily see each of their personalities shine through their messages. Nick, with his chipper voice and love of cute emoji faces, had the 'social' streak running through each and every text he's given me to date. Leo maintained his serious, bored voice, and always called me by my full first-name, in both text and reality. Damien, on thwas e other hand, ever the joker. He didn't even tell me to wear something warm like the other two did!

I didn't bother replying to him.

Thanks Nick! Make sure you are too. And don't forget to check on Amy! ;)

Siri tells me that Leo depends too much on his iPhone. But thanks for the heads up Mr. President. See you in AP Lit.

Shoving my phone back in my pocket, I fastened my pace to school before a thought crossed my mind and I slowed down immediately. It was Monday, which meant I had Mrs. Hammond first period. That wasn't entirely why I started walking at a snail's pace though, despite the cold wind that picked up and made me shiver.

I could do without another one of Damien's bone-crushing hugs in the morning and if that meant showing up late to class, I didn't mind it at all.

The End

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