We Can Figure This Out

Their eyes followed to where I was pointing. Adam let out a heavy sigh of disappointment.

"Man, oh man. Just our luck, huh? Any of you got an umbrella on you?"

"No," the three of us answered simultaneously.

Their fellow detention-mates were heading towards the car park, either fortunate enough to have a ride of their own or grabbing one from a friend. I turned to face Nick, eyes arching at the fact that he was just as worried as the rest of us over the sudden development of the weather.

"Don't you drive?" I asked. "I mean, you're rich so you have your own car, right?"

Nick visibly flinched at my statement. Had I been rude? A blush rose up in my cheeks as I heard how he must have heard it but if he was in any way offended by my generalization, he didn't show it as he glanced at me and shook his head with that friendly smile set into his features.

"No. I didn't want one."

"That's what makes you an idiot, with a capital I, Saunders," Adam growled, as if frustrated by Nick's poor decision making. "Anyway, you three, I'm going to set off and try to get home before it starts pouring cows. See you later."

"I'm off too."

Nick turned to look at me and Damien to give us one last wave before following Adam down the steps. Both of them were walking insanely fast, and it wasn't until they were a good ten feet away did I realize I hadn't even thanked them, let alone, apologized for their troubles.

"Adam, Ni-"

My voice caught in my throat as a heavy downpour of rain fell from the skies just like that. It was sudden, like God had decided to pour buckets of cold water down on the Earth without so much as a light drizzle for a warning first. I heard the two of them yelp in the distance before breaking into a run, and disappearing from view completely as they rounded the corner into the street.

Turning to face Damien, I slipped my hand into my front pockets. "So much for grabbing pizza."

A deep frown had warped the features of his usually grinning face. He glared up at the skies, his green eyes dark and angry. One of his hands kept tugging at the strap of his backpack violently like he was fighting the urge to kick or punch something, while the other remained curled into a fist by his side.

"Damn it. This blows."

Stepping forward, I patted him on the shoulder, my touch breaking him from his thoughts as his eyes swerved down to meet mine.

"It's not the end of the world. And even if it were, I'm sure a stable boy and princess can work together to figure something out."

I didn't like seeing him look all bummed out. It didn't suit Damien at all, and I knew saying that would merit a smile from him. It did more than that. He put an arm around my shoulder and yanked me to his side, and with the other raised a fist into the air triumphantly.

"We sure can!"

Damien was one for dramatic effect, I had learned. So I really shouldn't have screamed when the next second, he went running headfirst into the rain, pulling a helpless young princess along with him.

The End

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