Taking Up His Offer

The alarm on my phone rang silently, setting off a vibration in my pocket. Taking it out, I turned it off and read the time: five minutes to 4:00 P.M.

After Damien had publicly sang his heart out for me, and said he wanted me to wait so he could take me out for some pizza, the rumors had amplified a million times more. Maddie even had the nerve to walk up to me during the second break that followed, to ask if I would take Damien up on the offer. I had shrugged. It’s what I did for every other time that followed as girls that I had never even seen before cornered me and asked me if I now liked Damien over Leo. It didn’t take me by surprise one bit that Damien’s show had only spiced things up further but I figured as long as I didn’t show much interest in the matter, things would eventually ‘fizz out’ as Leo had put it.

The school day had come to an end when the final bell went off at exactly 3:00 P.M. Leo didn’t have to ask me to know that I would be staying back. He’d simply given me a wave and walked off of campus, telling me he’d see me tomorrow.

I didn’t have the heart to turn down Damien’s offer, after all the trouble he’d gone through with his impromptu performance of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. The fact that he’d landed himself in detention didn’t make me feel any better either. I, Makayla Summers, may be a bit of a hard-ass but I have an actual, beating, human heart.

That’s how I ended up staying in the library to work on my AP English Literature assignments until 4 P.M came about. I’d managed to get most of my essays done, which was a good thing. I still had loads of catch-up work to do for that particular class and I was not eager to face the wrath of Mrs. Hammond. At least now, I had a greater chance of surviving senior year - though still a slim one.

Hauling my bag over one shoulder, I walked out of the library doors. It opened up to the view of a beautiful garden, bringing an instant smile to my face as I stopped and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath.

The library's located in a separate block from that of the academic buildings. It was not only large but had a colorful garden situated right in front of it, surrounding the building in a square-like pattern. Several benches had been made for students who wanted to take advantage of good weather and read outside in the company of the vegetation. A narrow pathway had also been built to lead the students from the library's exit, back to the main campus.

My footsteps were light as I walked, eyes skimming over the several flowers and shrubs that aligned the path. A drop of water landed on the bridge of my nose. Frowning, I glanced up at the sky. It was darkened due to the presence of several thick, gray, storm clouds. Quickening my pace, I hurried toward the academic building that loomed into view. As if on cue, the doors opened and out came Damien, Adam, Nick and a bunch of other students who had been deemed 'troublemakers'. Nick was the first to spot me, calling out my name.

I hurried up the steps and pushed the guys back under the shade of the building. Damien misinterpreted and wrapped his arms around me in a hug.

"That happy to see me safe and sound, huh? I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." 

Pushing him off of me, I scowled and pointed up at the sky. 

"It's about to rain hell, you dummy!"

The End

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