The Best (and Most) Embarrassing Apology Ever Made [III]

The song came to an end soon after. Applause broke through the crowd, and Adam and Nick were pulled forward by Leo to stand next to Damien and I. I was fully aware of the startling resemblance my face had to a tomato at that moment. Damien bowed by my side before turning to look at me, to tell me something through the breathless state he was in.

Before he had a chance to, Leo prodded him on the back and gestured at the main doors of the science building which were wide open. Teachers had come pouring out to see what was going on, and one of them was our very own music prof, Joshua. It hadn't occurred to me to question, until that very second, how they had broken into the PA system to make that announcement. Furthermore, where had Damien gotten that mic? And that absurd bell hop hat for Nick?

"You should get out of here," Leo said, cocking his head in the direction of the teachers. Joshua, and a woman who I recognized to be the Drama teacher, were storming through the crowd and toward us. Boy, they did not look pleased. With a deadpan expression of seriousness written on his face, Leo turned Damien around and said one word: "Run."

That's exactly what he did, pulling Nick and Adam along with him in the process. My eyes followed him as he made his escape, dashing through the field with the boys, with that stupid grin written across his face. He slowed down briefly, spinning around and staring straight at me as he jogged backwards.

"Makayla Summers," he boomed into the microphone, no longer going Elvis-style, "if it's not too much trouble, I'd love for you to stick around till 4 after school as I have a feeling I'll be serving detention."

I laughed. He managed to add in dramatic flair to make it sound like he was doing jail-time.

"We could grab a bite of pizza together! That'll be my way of saying sorry."

He grinned and winked at me one last time, before turning off the button on the mic with a flick of his thumb and running as fast as his feet would allow him. I shook my head, feeling dazed from all that had happened under the course of five minutes.

"If pizza's his way of saying sorry, what was all this? The song, the performance, the fact that he just got his butt landed in detention?" I muttered, turning to look at Leo with the most ridiculous smile written on my face. Leo's eyes swerved back to the quickly breaking crowd, the teachers, and then fell back on me, considerably happier than I'd ever seen him be.

"Welcome to a day in the life of being friends with the sparkle toofus." 

The End

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