Rumor Has It

It was really my fault - for not distancing myself from the three most popular guys in school, for not being a little more careful about what I said to Maddie, and for most of all, foolishly believing that the rumors wouldn't become worse. It was nothing but a source of amusement to me last week. On the very first day, I heard girls whispering in the bathroom, saying 'did you hear that the new girl is being adopted by DNL'. That was their 'code' name for the trio. It made me laugh that they failed to come up with anything more creative.

Last Thursday morning, my second day, the rumors had escalated to the possibility of me being Nick's distant cousin (because of course, who would doubt the innocent, fun, lovable Nick for cheating on his girlfriend?) It was due to the fact that a couple people had seen him walk me home while on the school bus. It didn't bother me one bit. I figured I look nothing like the guy so that one would eventually die down.

According to the inside scoop, that Thursday, I had successfully wooed the un-wooable Leo and he had proceeded to show his affections for me by taking me out on a date after school. Nick had been disgusted by the fact that Leo would betray friendship for love, and stalked off campus. In reality, all that had happened was Nick going to see Amy and Leo ditching me at the Dark Lord's house. It doesn't end there. Poor, sick Damien had heard of this development and grown even sicker, jealousy infesting his dying heart and had not showed up for school at Friday.

It was hilarious, to say the least. I, Makayla Summers, who had never had been in the spotlight was suddenly cast as the girl who'd sneaked her way into a trio of youthful, handsome, and devilishly charming men. 'How does she do it' people thought, and that's the note on which Friday had ended and the weekend had begun. At least, that is what I'd heard.

But now Maddie's twist on things has started off a whole new set of fresher, more dangerous rumors that I wasn't liking one bit. Leo, oblivious to the growing talks of gossip in the AP Chem class, swung by when the period ended to spend time with me for first break. I only added fuel to the fire when I hurriedly packed my bag and practically bolted out the room with him, no doubt spicing things up in the minds of our (or should I say their) fan-base.

Currently, we were both sat at the usual spot, under the big sycamore tree - and never mind my anger about the Damien situation, this was something I had to discuss with Leo. He seemed to be enjoying my dramatic recounting of the tale, and of all I'd heard last week before cracking a small, but very amused, smile.

"These are just rumors Makayla. They'll fizz out eventually," he simply stated, lying back on the grass with his head resting on his school bag. Closing his eyes, he continued, "You're new to dealing with this much attention so it's normal for you to be flipping out this much."

"I didn't ask for this much attention, Doctor Leo."

His lips twitched, fighting a smile, at my sarcastic retort.

"And besides, aren't you disturbed by this? Aren't Nick and Damien? Everyone thinks you guys are turning against each other because of my meddling." Which, to be fair, almost did happen at the party.

The End

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