Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves Here

'You can trust me', he'd said. Not after he'd just straight up lied to my face.

As much as I firmly believed in myself that there was no way I'd let Damien off the hook so easily, I didn't want to underestimate them. I had known the trio for all but four days, today marking the fifth, but it was long enough to see that the crazy gene ran in all their bloodstreams, probably a trait gained from hanging out with each other.

Without a word, I turned my back on Leo and entered the class, grabbing a white lab coat from the hooks on the right. By the time I had plopped down on my stool next to Maddie, my lab partner, Leo had vanished from the door frame. I sighed and set my bag on my lap, opening the zips to get my lab notebook and textbook out for the start of class.

"Oh. My. God. Were you just talking to Leo Harper?"

I stopped mid-action, turning on my stool to look at Maddie whose normally hyper personality looked even more excited at what she must have seen. I'd only shared two periods with her last week but I'd gotten a bit of the crazy-vibe from her. I didn't mind positive people, but Maddie took the concept of positivity and spun it around to a whole other definition of insane.

Knowing that the wrong answer could get me killed, I spoke carefully, picky with my choice of words,"That...depends on what you define as 'talking'."

She squealed and grabbed my hands, sending my bag and its contents tumbling to the ground.

"Why didn't you tell me you're friends with one of the most hottest guys in school?"

"Um, Maddie. Calm down," I said, raising my hands up by my side and noticing from the corner of my eyes that we had attracted the attention of some of the other lab pairs.

"You must tell me all there is to know about him."

"I'm not-"

"Is he really intense? I bet he is. He has this whole mysterious bad-boy vibe thing going on. O-M-G, I can't believe I'm friends with Leo Harper's girlfriend!"

Gasps set off across the room like a bomb going off. I looked around frantically, assessing the damage Maddie's words had done before blushing bright red and hiding my face from view as I ducked to pick up my bag and its belongings. Maddie was laughing and clapping her hands like a seal, as if she'd just made the world's greatest discovery.

I, on the other hand, had settled into a state of obvious bewilderment. Judging by the whispers and hushed conversations that had sparked up through the class, I knew the rest of my senior year was effectively sabotaged.

The End

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