Your Friendly, High-School Stalker

Any closely knit group of friends would have a secret code they use to communicate amongst themselves. It's even worse when it's a trio of popular guys. Granted I've never had the opportunity to be part of such a group (until now that is), I still knew something was going on from the way that Leo continued to follow me wherever I went. During music, he'd kept me company, slouching in the chair next to mine while I worked on finishing off some Spanish homework I'd forgotten to do. Damien and Nick had slipped into the piano room, and had stayed there the entirety of the period. 

When the bell went off, signalling the end of second period and the three minutes students had to get to their next class, I had noticed the door swing open to the piano room but before I could even so much as blink, Damien and Nick had disappeared out of the music room and into the hall. I had decided not to think much of it but now, I couldn't shake off the feeling that the guys were planning something.

I had AP Chemistry third period, and it was the one class I didn't share with any of the others yet Leo insisted on walking me, never minding the fact that he would be late for his class.

"Makayla, just so you know, I'm not stalking you," he said, tailing me while I made my way through the halls and towards the science section. He grabbed my hand to slow me when we walked past a vending machine. I didn't get why I had to stop for him to buy a drink for himself. My feelings surprised me, as I'd been expecting to get all flustered when he'd touched my hand and kept me still. But whatever shyness I had thought I'd experience around Leo due to a side effect of our almost-kiss had dissipated completely, replaced by one emotion that multiplied with each second: suspicion.

"You are stalking me, Leo. Now let go of my hand. I need to get to Chemistry." 

"Friends don't stalk, they accompany," he spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, fetching himself a can of Seven-Up. He brushed away the lengthy strands of his blonde hair that kept falling in front of his eyes with the one hand he had free. "Besides, I told you that you can trust me."

My heart didn't go thud-thud at the reference he made to the night at the party. It went whamboom-slap-the-guy.

I refrained from doing so and settled for rolling my eyes at him. Fine. If he wanted to 'accompany' me, I could live with that but he was not making me late. With a greater amount of strength than I knew I possessed, I turned around and forced my way through the throngs of students, pulling him along with me. I arrived at the lab with a minute to spare, which Leo did not hesitate in consuming.

"Be careful. Potions class can be dangerous."

"Look, I know you three are conspiring to do something but let me tell you right here and now, no matter what you've got planned, I'm not forgiving Damien that easily."

"No room for humor today?"

I gave him a blank look.

"Fine," he shrugged, finally letting go of my hand. "Believe what you may, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

The End

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