That's It?

My classmates filed into the room, a few of them throwing me a curious glance as they did so. They were probably thinking: why isn't she hanging out with her usual group today? Did something happen?

The moment I'd joined the guy's trio, I'd established myself as one of the popular girls. It humored me even, when I'd heard some rumors floating around about me. Never before had I been given that much 'consideration'. You could say I enjoyed the spotlight a little bit. But it bothered me that it may work out to be a disadvantage right about now.

It was at that moment that I saw those three walk right into the room. Tearing my gaze away from the door, I crossed my arms tightly over my chest. Please don't come here. Pleasepleasepleaseplease...



I looked up to meet the calm blue depths of Leo's eyes. I tried to ignore the way my heart skipped a beat, that blush fighting its way to the surface of my cheeks. But all I knew is that the events of that special night were the last thing on Leo's mind. All he wanted to do was answer the questions that his dear friend had outlined. 

"I don't want to talk to anyone," I snarled, forcing myself to sound irritated though that was the last emotion I would want to direct towards Leo Harper of all people. 

His lips twitched, as if he was hiding a smile. "Of course you don't." 

I glared, then looked past him. Standing a good five to six feet away were Damien and Nick who seemed to be analyzing my expressions to make out the truth. Like that would work. 

"So what's the big plan? Are each and every one of you going to be coming one by one, to try and get the truth out of me? It's not going to work."

"You figured us out pretty quickly." Then, surprising me, Leo took a chair out from a desk nearby and plopped right down next to me. The other two shared a look then walked away, to that special room that was reserved just for them on the other side. 

"What, that's it?" I asked, suspicion leaking into my tone.

"Yeah. It is." 

Leo flashed me his brilliant smile and I fought the urge to suffocate him with a hug. Muttering something insensible to myself, my hands clenched into fists by my side. No matter how charming Leo could be, I couldn't shake off the feeling that he had a trick pulled up his sleeve. How could he not?

The End

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