I Want Him Out

"You're kidding, right?" I glared at Damien, crossing my arms over my chest as I felt the anger bubble up inside of me. "This is the big truth that you and your little friends hid from me? The fact that your dad doesn't like having guests over?" 

Damien stared at me and I rambled on before he got the chance to say something. 

"You know it only takes a minute to say that. 'Hello, Makayla? Yeah, newsflash! My dad doesn't like it when I have people over. He's sort of an anti-social in that aspect. So maybe we could meet up later.' But no, instead you had to do it the hard way and just throw me out of your house like some dead mouse you found in your kitchen!"

I was getting worked up. My voice was rising so incredibly much that I sounded like I'd been working the past few hours blowing up balloons - with the helium effect and all. Damien, on the other hand, looked equally frustrated. But he didn't let it out in his voice like I did. 

Calmly, he said, "No further questions."

"This isn't some interview with the raving paparazzi mister! I'm your friend!" 

"Well then, you should shut up and watch the movie and stop pestering me," he snapped.

Now he was bringing out that attitude?

"No. I'm not going to shut up." 

I swear, Damien practically had fumes coming out of his nose and ears. "What is your problem? I answered your little question." 

"No, you didn't! You lied."

His eyes narrowed. Voice filled with venom, he hissed, "You're so needy. Wanting to know every single thing." 

That stung, a lot more than I'd expected it to. Feeling my eyes tear up in anger, I got to my feet. "Yeah well then maybe you ought to know something Damien. I was worried about you, thinking that something was wrong and I can't believe that for even one second I'd felt guilty about what happened at your house."

The tears started to fall, my vision growing blurry. But my voice was strong as I continued to yell at Damien who looked really taken aback. "That's right. blamed myself a little for what happened. But I was such an idiot for wasting my time on you like that."

"May, I'm sorry." 

"Yeah, sure you are," I scoffed. "But you're right Damien. Maybe I am needy. Maybe I'm an inquisitive little snob but I have my reasons to be, reasons that I do not have to explain to you." 

Damien got to his feet, walking over to me and taking my hand but I pushed him away. Wiping away the tears out of my eyes, I stared up at him. My voice shook as the emotions overcame me.

"hate people who lie to my face. Especially, when they try to cover up the truth in some lame attempt to make things easier for themselves. To make their life more convenient and easy to lead." 

Damien looked like he'd been slapped. Guilt washed over his face and he took another step towards me. Just as he was about to say something, my dad entered the room. 

"Hey, I thought I heard something. Is everything alright in here?"

"Just fine dad," I answered, forcing a smile on to my face as I looked at him. "Damien was just leaving." 

"Oh, that's a shame. It would have been nice to have one extra person join us for dinner," my dad said, sounding genuinely upset. "It was nice meeting you though Damien." 

"You too Sir." 

Damien didn't say anything as my dad walked us out the room and towards the front door, babbling on. But I felt his eyes on me, trying to read me and probably get a chance to apologize. I didn't care anymore though. I wanted him out. 

The End

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