We spent the next hour working on the project. When it came down to doing some work, Damien was deadly serious and didn't joke at all. And we both worked hard together, getting quite some work done before relaxing.

Flexing my hands after continually typing the report for a long time, I let out a groan. "Finally! We're done for the day!"

"Now, for some fun." Damien grinned evilly, returning back to "fun-Dayday". I rolled my eyes at him and stood up, announcing, "I'm going down to make some sandwiches for lunch."

"I offer my help," he said courteously and followed me out of the room with a grin. "So what did happen between you and Leo?" He asked curiously and surprisingly, with a calm tone.

"Not on that again," I sighed.

"I won't get angry, promise."

"You mean you won't get jealous," I shot over my shoulder, sticking my tongue out in a teasing manner.

"I was not jealous," he replied grudgingly. "I was just angry with you because you were acting like a total prick."

I coughed. "Damien, are you sure you aren't talking about yourself?" He shot me a deathly glare before entering the kitchen as we started working on making some chicken sandwiches. It didn't take too much time, and I skipped upstairs to hand my father one before plopping down in front of the television.

An action movie starring Jackie Chan was playing and Damien watched with interest but my mind had other priorities to deal with first.

"So why exactly did you kick me out of your house again?"

The End

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