“We should really get started on that project,” I insisted, tugging on Damien’s sleeve and dragging him to my room. He didn’t hold up much resistance either, I didn’t have to ask to know why. When we entered, his eyes scanned the room in interest, going over the blank walls that I hadn’t taken time in designing and finally resting on the screen of my laptop.

My laptop!

Jumping to it, I quickly closed the Facebook screen and turned guiltily to face Damien who watched me with a blank expression on his face.

“You certainly are doing your research on Leo aren’t you?” He asked dully, as if it was the last thing he wanted to talk about.

“I just befriended him, that’s all,” I said.

“So is that what you two were doing yesterday at the party? Being ‘friendly’ with each other?” He shot back, the temper rising in his voice.

I couldn’t hold back the irritation in mine either and snapped back at him. “Well you seemed to be enjoying your time with Prom-Queen-to-be Katie Collins!”

His nostrils flared in anger as his hands drew into tight fists by his side. Green eyes narrowing, they almost seemed to darken as he glared at me. But I didn’t let that hold me back as I went on, my voice rising with each second.

“And of course it’s perfectly excusable for you to have forgotten to mention a girl who you’ve been seeing! Because, you know, the girl who you’ve been acting to be interested in doesn’t have to know about the infamous Katie Collins. She won’t care at all!”

“Makayla,” he hissed, taking a step closer.

“Because Makayla is the stupid new girl who doesn’t know a thing about Damien. She doesn’t know why he yelled at her and practically threw her out of his house. She doesn’t know why he’s being so rude to her for the past few days. Oh. Right. And she has not the slightest idea why he’s so interested in-”

And that’s when he cut me off.

The End

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