Dad's Perfect Timing

What was it about him that had me completely aware of my surroundings? With Damien around, I felt extra jumpy and nervous and I couldn’t get my mind off of what had happened yesterday with him walking in on me and Leo. Not like we had been doing anything wrong; if at all, it wasn’t even Damien’s business. But he seemed different today: more serious…and less flirty. It wasn’t the Damien I knew and it really bothered me.

All my project-related files and documents were in my room so Damien followed me down the narrow hall and into the last door on the far left which opened up to my room. I could feel him only a few feet behind me and the fact that I was going to let him into my room made me feel queasy.

Nevertheless, I stopped by my dad’s study beforehand. Opening it up a crack, I peeked through and whispered, “Dad? He’s here.”

“Leo?” My dad turned around with a wide-spreading grin on his face.

I clenched my jaw. Great time to bring him up dad, great time. “No. Damien.” I didn’t want to risk a peek at the expression on my guest’s face and instead opened up the study wider as my dad stood up.

The two made their greetings, my dad smiling and shaking Damien’s hand as Damien returned the gesture. “You have a nice home,” he said.

“Thank you! So you’re Makayla’s classmate?”

Damien nodded, seeming to tense a little before asking in a fake teasing tone, “Has she never told you about me?”

“Makayla doesn’t talk much about school with me,” he said. “Yet, the boy yesterday must have been a treat.”

I grimaced as my dad winked at me. This was really not going well. I could only hope Damien wouldn’t murder me in my room. 

The End

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