I Forgot!


Shock shook me slightly as my jaw dropped open, staring at the boy on my doorstep. And not because most girls would if a rather attractive boy showed up without informing them at their house, looking like that. It was as if he'd dressed to please.

He was wearing a t-shirt that brought out the toned and muscular features of his chest with casual black jeans. Oh, and he was wearing Ray-Bans that concealed his green eyes, looking like a teen version of James Bond. Yet I didn't have to see the emotion in his eyes to know what he was thinking.

"You forgot?"

Taking off his shades, he looked down at me with disapproval. What had I forgotten? I wracked my brain for it.

"We were supposed to meet today for the project, remember?" His frown deepened as realization slapped me.  

"Oh! Right! I'm so sorry, I forgot!"

"I don't blame you," he muttered, entering the house as I stepped aside to let him in. Deciding not to question him on that, knowing exactly what he'd meant, I led him to the living room and urged him to sit down on one of the couches.

"I'll be right back," I said before hurrying up the stairs once more to inform my father of my visitor. Dad took it rather coolly, probably because he wasn't listening or didn't really care. He was engulfed in his work to tend to me and so I shut the door to his study, and joined Damien back downstairs.

He watched me enter the living room, the same way he'd watched me yesterday: like a hawk. Clearing my throat, I asked curiously, "How did you know where to find my house?"

"The address was in the student guide," he stated simply.


Of course. Anyone would know that.

"So do you want to get started on the project?"

The End

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