A Visitor?

I spent most of the day moving from my room to the living room. I'd finished all my assignments and so had nothing much to do in that area of a typical weekend. I was either listening to music, going online and checking my email, or watching televison.

Dad, as usual, spent most of his time in his study. But I didn't have any obligations towards that, not today anyways. 

While munching on a Nutella-sandwich, I opened up my Facebook at one point and noticed a new friend request. And I wasn't at all surprised by the name that popped up: Leo Harper. I took a good minutes to stare at his profile pic. It wasn't even him...or it didn't look like him.

He was hiding behind the shadows on the wall he was leaning against outside in the street (I believed it was school), caused by the setting sun. His blonde hair had a brownish tint and his eyes a little more or less intimidating as he gazed at the camera intensely. 

Deciding not to spend too much thought on it, I accepted his friend request. Before I could send him a message though, I heard two loud knocks on the door. My father yelled "Are you going to get it?" 

"Sure!" I yelled back before bouncing down the stairs with unusual enthusiasm. Smiling, I opened the door widely to only have myself engulfed in sheer surprise once more. 

The End

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