The Morning After

I slept well that night. Surprisingly well. After a long time, I'd had a good and nice dreamless sleep but that doesn't mean I thought any less of the events that had taken place in the party. I woke up the next morning at ten, surprisingly late for Makayla Summers. 

After brushing my teeth, taking a shower and changing into black knee-length jeans and a plain white t-shirt, I headed out my room with a rather wide smile on my face. Meeting my dad in the kitchen, I greeted him cheerfully before sitting down on the chair.

His eyebrows shot up into his hairline in surprise as he turned to look at me, crossing his arms over his chest. "What's going on Makayla?"

"What?" I asked, innocently.

"You know what," he grunted, moving forward to give me my plate of Sunday-morning pancakes and maple syrup. "Joyful smile and greeting, sleeping in on a Sunday when you normally go to church...something is up."

I'd forgotten church! A part of me felt guilty and made a mental note to go for a night mass tonight. The other however, just nodded and grinned sheepishly, "I had a good time at the party dad."

"Did you now?" He asked, an equally sly grin making its way to his face. "So that boy, Leo, treated you well?"

Too well, you'd never have imagined. Suppressing the words, I took a bite out of my breakfast and didn't say anything. But my dad looked amused nonetheless. He hadn't seen me like this in a while, and I hadn't been this way in a while either.

I had Leo to thank for that.

But like any other day...something else was out to bring down my mood. Or should I say someone else. 

The End

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