Moment Partially Complete!

He was about to say something more but I interrupted him, "It's not your fault." He watched me with a hint of surprise on his face. Had he expected me to resent him? "You didn't do anything wrong."

"But I-"

"Leo you were there for me when I needed someone. If at all, you helped me a great deal. I'm still pondering over how to thank you for that." 

His eyes lingered on my lips for a moment and I couldn't help but add before thinking, "Probably not in that way." 

Funny how I cracked a joke on our almost kissing scenario and it wasn't awkward at all. Leo grinned, helping me to relax slightly against the seat. I was glad he didn't resent me.

"That was close huh?" He asked, thinking back. I smiled. "Yeah it was."

My hand tightened unnaturally, longing to finish that kiss. What was wrong with me - I did not know. But inside of me, a little part wished that Damien hadn't intruded. 

"But Makayla...I still mean what I said to you back there."

His blue eyes penetrated mine with an honesty that had my heart beat starting to quicken again. "What do you mean?"

He turned in his seat so he was completely facing me, one of his hands meeting mine and giving it a light squeeze. "You should trust me." And there it was again, that electricity. Where it had come from - I had no idea. 

But I sat still and frozen in my seat, not daring to make a move forward. Leo however leaned closer to me till it felt like I was once again re-living what had happened in that beautiful night moment we'd shared. Except instead of directing himself to my lips, he kissed me softly on the cheek. 

A blush rose up, causing Leo to chuckle as he sat himself back down. But he didn't make any remarks at my reddish state and said in that perfectly cool way of his, "You should really get going to bed now." 

"Fine," I said, sounding reluctant which seemed to please him as I got out of the car. He didn't start up the engine until I was right in front of the door. Turning back, I gave him a little wave and he grinned and waved back before speeding  away.

After having changed into my night wear and snuggled into bed, my mind revolved around the events that had just taken place.

What. A. Night. 

The End

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