Leo and I stood in silence for a while. My mind raced through the events of the last few minutes and I couldn't believe myself. Leo and I had almost kissed! And we probably would have if it hadn't been for Damien's interruption. Where would that have led us?

It was very unlike me to almost kiss a boy who I'd known for...four days? Is that really it? Yet I couldn't deny the connection I'd felt between us, and it left me craving for more. Leo had his way of captivating me and I felt like I couldn't shake myself out of the experience. 

My chest pained as Leo said softly, maintaining a safe distance, "They're waiting for us."

I met his gaze. This time, no concern. It was clouded with confusion that he hadn't been willing to let out in Damien's presence. But with me...he showed it openly. Was that a good thing?

I followed him out of the room and back into the hallway after we closed the windows. I yearned to hold his hand the way he'd held mine before as we squished our way through the jam-packed rooms and out the front door. 

The others were there: Amy and Nick, Damien and Katie. By the expressions on their faces, I believed that Damien hadn't told them about what had almost happened between Leo and I. He seemed to be avoiding even looking at the two of us... what was going on?

"So the other three are taking off," Nick said, somewhat solemnly as he eyed Amy. She grinned and stood up on her toes, kissing him on the cheek. "You'll be fine." Then turning to me, "And you still have to give me your number!"

"Um..." Why couldn't I snap myself out of it?

She waited patiently, her forehead creasing with my growing silence. Numbers not coming to mind, I said, "You can ask Leo or Damien for it." 

"Okay," she said with a smile, then gave me a hug. "I'll see you soon May!"

Hugging her back, I took a step away and watched her walk off with Nick to a car. Damien and Katie joined them both, and I assumed they were going home together. Just before Damien seated himself into the drivers seat, he glanced once more at me and Leo. 

I couldn't make out the expression on his face but a dark shadow had crossed through it...

And inside, I started to think I'd betrayed him. 

The End

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