Caught in Darkness

My lips were only mere centimeters away from his when two things happened, and those two things changed everything.

The moon slipped itself behind a passing cloud, hiding the one source of light we'd had enter the room. A sudden darkness washed over us, causing goosebumps to rise up on my skin. But in the next second, the door to the room jerked open and that was when Leo and I sprang apart.

My eyes swerved to meet the surprised ones of Damien. Had he seen us? Did he know what could've happened if he hadn't walked in? My heart pounded guiltily against my chest, the way a child's would if they were found doing something they were ordered not to.

Damien didn't say anything, his eyes flickering from my face to Leo's. Leo had a less suspicious look on his face, the one of utter calmness. He'd worn the mask once more. Only a few seconds ago, a battle of emotions had broken out in those beautiful blue eyes of his but now they were filled with an innocence that would be wrong to doubt.

I tried to be the same way and took in a quiet breath, calming my features. The light from outside the room was bright enough to show Damien's face and he looked completely taken aback by what he'd seen. 

He must have seen it. 

Turning away, he whispered softly, "The others are waiting."

And then he left the doorway, leaving the door wide open without a glance back at us. 

The End

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