A Midnight Moment

I would never have imagined that Leo would be the type of guy to console a girl when she was dangerously looming on the verge of a breakdown. But yet, he stood there right in front of me and only a few inches apart. Squeezing my hand softly, he whispered, "It's all going to be okay Makayla."

"I've heard that one before." 

Before I could stop him or have any sense of what Leo was doing, he tilted my chin up so I was looking right into the blue depths of his eyes. Except, unlike the last time when I had let myself drown inside of them, I noticed that there was hard emotion in his gaze. Warmth that I'd never thought I'd have directed towards me, especially from Leo. 

His eyes seemed to bare into my very soul, looking at me completely. Past the sarcastic remarks, and the unnecessary words of mock cruelty. I felt like Leo was looking right through me...and not in a bad way. 

"Trust me Makayla."

It was difficult for me to form any words at all in that moment but I managed to ask the one doubt I had on what he wanted me to do. "How can I? When people I've loved have dumped me so low as that...how can I trust you?"

A tidal-wave of emotions broke out in his eyes; a battle of persuasion as if he didn't have a choice but to convince me. "You should," he whispered roughly, voice blanketed with compassion I was witnessing the first time.

A sudden gust of wind blew a few strands of my hair to the front of my face, tickling me slightly. Before I had the chance to, he let go of the soft hold he had on my chin and tucked each strand behind my ear, never dropping his gaze from my eyes all the while. His other hand was now interlaced with mine in a way that had my heart racing furiously within me. 

I stood still, mesmerized. 

But before I could pull myself out of the spell I'd been placed into, I found myself leaning forward...and so was he. 

The End

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