Speaking Of The Past (II)

I paused for a moment, searching Leo's face for any reaction. Getting nothing in response but a blank yet attentive stare, I continued.

"I was first taken under my mom's custody. She remarried, and soon had her own family but as soon as she met them she seemed to have forgotten about me. She was career-driven and just didn't seem to care at all anymore. My dad had moved out of our house,  which was occupied by a bunch of strangers that I hated with the fullest of my heart. And it just wasn't the same without him."

"You really love your dad, huh?" Leo asked with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Probably the one man I will never feel tempted to kill in this life," I teased, sticking my tongue out at him like a child. Then I looked out over the city, finishing the story off. "He wanted to move away and start over. And that's how I ended up coming here." 

Laughing bitterly, I added, "Of course my mom didn't care. All that mattered to her was a new family and satisfying the needs of her new step-daughter Caroline, who couldn't be more perfect really."

I didn't expect to cry but tears stung the corner of my eyes, threatening to spill over. Seeing my eyes grow glassy, Leo took a step closer to me and laid his hand on top of mine, lightly squeezed it in gentle reassurance. "Of course your mom cares," he said comfortingly, searching my eyes for anyway to help cheer me up.

"Well she has a funny way of showing it," I replied, my words wobbling. Oh great, I was about to cry. In front of Leo. 

What happened next though, I hadn't expected at all. 

The End

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