Speaking Of The Past (I)

The moonlight beamed down on the city with a radiance that I could not explain with words. The flowers in the garden seemed to open up to the beautiful silver rays, welcoming the darkness of the night. 

I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly in soft puffs of air. Night was my favorite time of all. The one time where I could just be myself without being disturbed. Even as a child, I could hide from the constant bickering of my parents, letting the darkness engulf me into a sleepless thought-train of emotions and hopes.

It never really got me anywhere but one can dream to their fullest.

I let out another sigh and earned a sideways glance from Leo. Eyebrows arched up slightly, he asked, "What is it?"

"Nothing... I'm just, thinking is all." 

His lips curved upwards slightly and he said sarcastically, "Yes of course. Because that's what all humans do. We think." 

Rolling my eyes at him, I straightened my posture and tore my eyes away from the view to meet Leo's concerned gaze. Blank...yet seemingly interested in what I had to say.

"I'm just...thinking back to old times," I said quietly. He waited for me to go on and so I did, strangely indulging him with my story without much thought.

"When I was a kid, I used to think I had the perfect little family. Mom, dad and I used to live in this great big house in Florida and we even had a little white Labrador puppy who I used to play with after school." I smiled fondly, remembering my childhood pet. "I'd never had a perfect name for him so I just called him 'Pup'. It grew on to me."

Leo smiled, leaning sideways against the railing to pay perfect attention to my story. He nodded and urged me to go on.

I paused for a second to question whether telling a guy who I'd known for less than week my life story was a good idea. But it was Leo. That, in itself, was an answer.

"We'd been this happy family you know. I didn't have any friends in school, and I didn't ever think I needed them because I had wonderful parents that loved me and Pup back home. But as most happy families go, eventually my parents started to fight. They didn't want the same thing...and so they chose to split apart."

The End

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