The View

Down the hall, second door to the left...

Down the hall, second door to the left...

Aha! Found it!

I knocked on the door first, to check if anyone was inside but getting no reply, I opened the door to the bathroom and stepped in, locking it behind me. Nick sure did live in luxury, I thought to myself as I glanced around. 

A beautifully built-in tub and by its side, a closed shower area with one of those expensive looking glass doors. The room looked spotless and was the kind you'd imagine would be in the White House. Turning, I looked at the expansive mirror that filled most of the space and stared at my reflection.

I looked slightly flushed, tints of red in my cheeks. My hair hung loosely over my shoulder, falling down to my waist and it looked a little ruffled but clean nonetheless. Sighing, I took a few moments to brace myself for the next few minutes of 'Katie Collins time' and then exited the bathroom.

And that was when the electricity went off.

Lights falling dead, I circled around trying to remember my way back but only managed to confuse myself further. Blindly walking towards the source of light, my hand made contact against the metal handle of a door. Pushing it open, I entered the room and gasped lightly.

It was like a deck, along the length of a wide open-balcony. The room was bare and empty, except for a fire place and a rocking chair sat next to it. But my full attention was on the marvelous view of the city that it provided. It was truly beautiful. 

The End

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