"So did you guys hear about Adam's new girlfriend?" Katie broke the silence with another one of her rumor-related questions. I groaned on the inside, as I suspected most of the others did. Amy was leaning against Nick, as he sat stiffly on the bed. She squeezed his hand comfortingly, as if to give him strength.

"No we haven't," Amy said, "and we would really love to hear it but Nick and I are just going to go on a little walk."

And before Katie could argue, the two of them jumped to their feet and hurried out of the room. Nick was really lucky to have a girlfriend who aided in making a quick getaway but now, the room was left with the four of us.

Leo was seated on the far end of Nick's bed, staring at the palm of his hand as if he was in deep thought. Katie, on the other hand, had conveniently snuggled up against Damien as the minutes had worn on. Her head rested against his shoulder, one of her arms tightly strung with his. Damien wasn't reciprocating her love however. He, too, seemed to be concentrating on something else entirely: me.

Ever since I'd come back into the room, he'd been watching me like a hawk as if waiting for the moment I'd make a random little outburst. And I had, down in the kitchen. But he didn't know about that, and my anger had now subsided. The two could get married and I wouldn't care a bit. 

Sighing, I stood up and stretched lightly before saying, "Do you guys know where the rest room is?"

"Down the hall, second door on the left from here," Leo answered. "Do you need help finding it?"

"No that's fine." I'd answered before I could take it back and he frowned. Leo, too, wanted to get out of here with an excuse and I had accidentally denied him one. Giving him an apologetic look, I let myself out of the room, making sure not to meet Damien's eyes as I started on my quest to finding the bathroom. 

The End

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