The Beginning of a Friendship

The more I talked to Amy, the more my mind started to drift away from the situation at hand. Not only was she a great person to talk to but her energy and charisma were almost unnatural, but not in a bad way. No wonder Nick loved her so much - she was a fountain of enthusiasm! And it wasn't at all fake or artificial, like another person's in this room.

I was beginning to like Amy very much and the idea of having a female best-friend who I can confide my troubles in seemed to brighten my mood. When Amy told me that she was fifteen, I couldn't help but be taken by surprise. She certainly didn't act like a fifteen year old! She was quite mature for her age but I didn't judge her in any way for being younger than me by three years.

Nick glanced at us occasionally as we laughed and talked quietly in a corner from the others. But he had a smile on his face, and seemed to be happy that we were getting along with each other quite well.

"So would you like to meet sometime next week?" Amy asked with that wide smile on her face.  "It would be nice to have a female addition to the group. I need a girl friend to hang out with."

I nodded quickly. "Me too, and that would be great! When and where?"

"We can decide that later. Just remind me to give you my number before we leave tonight," she said. 

I grinned and nodded, making a mental note to not forget that. Joining the others once more, we realized that the atmosphere had grown sullen within the room. I had been too occupied by Amy who added a cheerfulness to everything to notice what had been going on.

Katie really must not be liked by the others. I still hadn't gotten to know her but as for what I'd heard from Amy, Damien's doll was rude and rather pompous. Over all, she wasn't too nice of a person. And no one liked her; with the exception of Damien of course. 

The End

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