'Go With The Flow' Mentality

"None of us like her you know," Amy said, patting me on the arm. She'd joined Leo and I in the kitchen a few minutes after my brief outburst, coming down to get a breather herself. "We're still criticizing Damien on choosing her to be his girlfriend."

"Well are there any more that you guys are yet to tell me about?" I asked warily. Both Leo and Amy shook their heads, exchanging a secret gaze. 

"Listen Makayla: I know how furious you are right now but don't let Damien know how you feel. He'll only-"

"I don't feel anything for him. The only reason I'm upset is because I've befriended a jerk."

Amy grinned and said with a shrug, "Have it your way. But just go with the flow, alright? Otherwise, he'll tease the living soul out of you later on if he knows how peeved you are with him, mistaking it be jealousy."

"Which it is not," I clarified. She nodded and then hooked arms with me, telling Leo, "It would be great if you could fetch us a couple of drinks. The guys want some." Leo gave a short nod, heading out to the refreshments table but Amy dragged me back up the stairs.

The party was jam-packed but no one seemed to notice the absence of the host who, when I walked in, was laughing rather nervously at a joke that Katie must have cracked. The gorgeous new couple had taken a seat on the couch that Leo and I had occupied, giving me no room but to join Amy and Nick on the large bed. 

I could feel Damien's eyes on me and I knew he was watching me closely, intent on knowing how I was reacting to this. Instead, I grinned and nudged Amy lightly, starting a conversation with her. 

The best way to look cool would be to act completely normal. Maybe that would successfully drive him over the edge. 

The End

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