Needing A Breather

Taking hold of Leo's hand tightly, I tugged him off the couch and he followed me blankly out the door as I marched the both of us out. The fury from within began to seep onto the surface and I let go of his hand as we both headed down the stairs and back to the crowd. 

I squished my way in between the dancing couples, Leo following me quietly as I found my own way to the kitchen. No one was inside. Bare and empty, I closed the door behind me after Leo had entered and finally let out my emotions.

"The nerve of him!" I half-shouted, marching back and forth with my arms crossed tightly across my chest. Leo watched me, leaning against the counter with no expression on his face, simply taking me in.

"I mean - one second he's all Flirty Flirty-son and the next he's showing up at a party, claiming he has a girlfriend!" My voice grew unusually high at the last bit and I took a deep breath to try and calm myself down. It didn't work.

"So you're jealous," Leo stated. 

"No," I snapped. "It's just that I don't get him at all!"

"Like I said before Makayla, you barely know Damien at all."

"And whose fault is that?" 

Leo didn't say anything more and with me fuming in front of him, I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty. This wasn't his fault and lashing the brunt of my anger out on him was unreasonable. 

Letting out a sigh, I ran my hands through my hair before finally resting them on my hips. "I'm sorry, I just...needed a breather."

Leo smiled. "I understand. I'm glad I could be of any help." 

And there it was again, that warmth in his voice that I rarely ever heard directed at me, or anyone else for that matter. Leo, too, confused me greatly. Most of the time, he acted like a robot. The next, he would be...human. It was a miraculous transformation for a guy like him. Or maybe I was just making assumptions again. I didn't know Damien at all, and I doubt I knew all there was behind mysterious Leo either.

Groaning internally, I looked away from his smiling blue eyes and asked myself the one question I'd been avoiding ever since I moved here: are all men on this planet such doofus-heads?

The End

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