I Don't Care!

My eyes widened in shock, my heart slowing down within my chest as my eyes swerved between Damien's face to this 'Katie Collins'. His arm was slung around her waist, holding her unreasonably close to him when less than twenty-four hours ago he seemed to be interested in me.

Yet, I forced a smile and stood up from the couch. Reaching out my hand, I received a hearty shake from Katie who flashed a brilliant smile at me. "It's nice to meet you!" She exclaimed, laughing. 

I didn't say anything more as I settled back onto the couch. Leo shot me a look of concern but I pursed my lips, not saying a word as I watched Damien with a furtive glare. He met my eyes briefly before turning to Amy and Nick to greet those two.

Amy however, frowned slightly as she said 'hello' to Katie. She mouthed something angrily at Damien who either hadn't seen her or chose to ignore her. Sensing the sudden change in atmosphere, partly caused by Damien's little 'treat', I got up and cleared my throat.

"So Leo and I will be right back," I said. The others looked at us, Damien fixing his eyes on me with a curious glare as if he was wondering whether this was some plot to try and escape. But I wasn't going to lose here. And I wasn't afraid to show that I didn't care.

The End

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