Katie Collins - His Who?

Leo let go of my hand, almost reluctantly, as I moved forward to shake hands with Amy who got up. She looked younger than us by a good year or two. Yet her bounciness seemed to rub off on me as she gave me a hearty shake and wide smile.

"Nick's told me so much about you!"

"Has he now?" I asked, smiling back at her. 

"Yep! I quote 'there's a new girl in our class and Damien's got the hots for her'." She grinned, flashing her perfect set of white teeth and I couldn't help but laugh weakly.

"Sure he does." I sat down next to Leo on a small couch that was propped near the edge of the room but not too far away from the happy couple. Nick seemed different in Amy's company - so much more happier than he did at school. She seemed to have that effect on everybody as even Leo cracked a little bit of a smile with her around. 

"I apologize on Damien's behalf. He can be a little bit overwhelming at times," she said warmly as if she was talking about her own brother.

"A little bit?"

Her smile widened at my question. "You'll grow to like him, past the drama and all that." She winked and I looked at Nick for an answer. Had he told her?

Just when I was about to say something else, the door jerked open. Damien poked his head through a crack and smiled at us. "You guys are here! We've been looking all over the place for you!"


Opening the door wider, he stepped in...and with him, followed a girl. Short brown hair and blue eyes, she looked at us with an almost artificial smile on her face. 

Leo sighed and muttered a, "Hi Katie," as most of the others did. With questions in my eyes, I looked at Damien, waiting for an introduction. And I got one.

Meeting my eyes, Damien forced a smile to his face as he said in that perfectly calm tone, the one I'd heard the last time I'd seen him, "Makayla, this is Katie Collins: my girlfriend."

The End

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