Meeting Amy

Nick's house was farther away than I'd imagined. The drive there took a good thirty minutes during which Leo and I mostly didn't talk. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence that encompassed us but a very quiet one nonetheless. Neither of us said a word. He drove and I looked out the window, waiting for the minutes to pass by.

My mind was still fixed on Damien...on how this night might turn out. Maybe I'd get him to open up to me though I seriously doubted that. We'd only just met three to four days ago... he had no reason to be open to me. And if ignoring my text had been intentional, he'd been trying to make that point. I just hadn't gotten it yet.

When we did arrive at Nick's house, it was far bigger than I'd imagined in my head. Large and spacious, it took up twice the size my/Damien's house did. We could hear music playing from the inside as we got out of the car. I followed Leo up the expansive front porch and towards the front door.

He didn't even knock and just took a step in, opening the door to a wide living room that greeted us. Speakers boomed party music in the background and a number of teenagers were dancing with drinks in their hands. 

I squeezed my way though with Leo, who'd taken hold of my hand sometime as he led me up the stairs and to (where I supposed was) Nick's room. Knocking on the first door to our left, a soft "come in" responded.

The door creaked open and Leo and I stepped inside. Seated with Nick on his bed was a girl with bright blonde hair that fell down her waist in elegant waves. Her brown eyes sparkled as she saw us and she grinned. "Hi, I'm Amy!"

The End

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