Getting Ready

"Well honey, that's great! I'm so glad you've found new friends over there!" My mom's tone was vibrant over the phone. But it was forced. She was always busy doing something else and she never had time for me. Now was no difference.

"Honey, I have to go now! I love you and hope you have fun at the recital!"

"Mom, it's a party," I answered dully.

"Alright then. Prom! Bye!"

Sighing, I shut my phone and stopped pacing around for once to look at myself in the mirror. Was this alright? 

I was dressed in black skinny jeans and a white top which had only one sleeve, causing a slanting neck-line to appear. Not revealing at all, yet pretty non-class compared to most girls. My black hair was down, falling neatly down to my waist with no sight of tangles in there.

I preferred not to wear make-up but yet my complexion was slightly flushed, my usually dark eyes bright with anticipation. 

Would Damien be coming tonight? He hadn't responded to my text and I was dying to know how he was doing. Would he still be angry with me?


I heard a car honking from outside and putting it together with my father's yelling, I figured Leo must be here. Leaving my room, I skipped down the stairs and saw my father opening the door up to let our guest in.

And so he entered. 

Leo was dressed like...well like Leo. His light blonde hair was ruffled and messy as usual which added to his boyish charms in a way. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a t-shirt but had a fixed smile on his face as he met my father.

"You must be Mr. Summers, it's nice to meet you," he said, shaking hands with dad. 

"So you're Makayla's new boyfriend?"

I glared daggers into my father as I walked past him to Leo. His eyes met mine, looking over me with a growing smile. I pinched him on the arm as I stepped out of the house. "You coming?"

"I apologize on behalf of my daughter. She's not all that welcoming sometimes." 

Groaning, I trudged down the porch steps and towards Leo's car - a black Porsche. He followed me after a brief goodbye with my father and I whistled, letting myself in, saying, "Nice ride." 

Grinning, he slipped into the drivers seat and replied, "Thanks."

Then, we were off. 

The End

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