My phone buzzed to life on the surface of my desk. Taking a momentary pause from my deep-thought analysis on The Catcher In The Rye for AP Lit., I picked up the phone and read the message. 

Don't forget - party tomorrow night at my house! Leo says he'll pick you. Oh, and this is my number. :) - Nick

The party! How could I have forgotten? 

Oh, let me see. Maybe the ongoing drama with Damien is a factor of your memory loss

Snorting, I set the phone down and turned off my desk lamp. It was late at night and I was desperate to finish my assignments. Senior year sure kept me busy but I couldn't help but wonder back to the day's events - academia aside.

Nick and Leo had refused to tell me what was going on no matter how many times I asked them; directly or indirectly. The whole day was spent bugging those two to at least give me a clue. But no, that would mean betraying their friend's trust. Those two must be in love with Damien. 

But I seriously was worried about him.

Picking up my phone, I moved back to my bed and fell down on it, snuggling under the covers as I typed a text to Damien.

Hey Stable Boy. :) I'm sorry about yesterday and hope you're okay. Please, please reply if you see this.

 I waited.

No vibration.

I started to close my eyes after a few minutes, and fell asleep hugging my phone to my chest.

The End

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