But how?

That's where Nick and Leo come in handy. Those two are the best friends of Damien and surely, they knew what was going on. Leo's comment had made that clear. But now I had my chance of convincing them into telling me what was really the matter.

Squishing and pushing my way through the swarm of students, I steered myself towards the cafeteria to check if the two were there buying food. Being a large one at that, it took me a while to search through the area but the two were no where to be found.

I didn't have much of an appetite and so continued my search. The second place was my bingo. 

Sitting under the shade of the same tree they'd been at the last time, they were picking at the food on their trays, not even putting a piece of the pasta into their mouths. 

"It's over you two. Spill the beans," I said, plopping down opposite them. They looked at me and smiled wryly. "We're sorry May but we can't," Nick said hesitantly. 

"We'd be disrespecting Damien's privacy," Leo clarified on his friend's behalf.


"No," they both said firmly and at the same time. 

"Fine," I muttered, knowing there was no way of getting through to these two. I'd just have to figure out what the deal was with Damien on my own. 

The End

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