The Shadow

The hallways were packed as I made my way out of Chemistry. Neither Nick or Leo took AP Chem as a subject and so I was made to sit alone with bright-and-bubbly Maddie whose continuous chatter only frustrated me further past my current level. 

Since first period, both Nick and Leo seemed to be dodging me, knowing I'd have questions toward what Leo had meant when he'd said that I didn't know Damien at all. I wanted to know what was going on and the only two people I could get the truth out of was them.

I knew it was insensitive of me to be this nosy but I was burning with curiosity to know what was going on. All I'd seen of Damien on the first day was a flirt who just liked to make fun of me and have good times. But then yesterday, he'd transformed into serious and...scared, had it been?

I still remembered the expression on his face right before he'd pushed me out of his house. A dark shadow had fallen across his face and in that moment I knew that there was a part of his life he kept secret. 

And I wanted to be the one to unravel the truth. 

The End

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