The next day, Damien didn't come to school.

First period, we had History. And I was the first one there. Seated next to the window, just like yesterday with textbook open in front of me, I waited impatiently for him to show up. I demanded to have an explanation from him, or at least an apology as to why he'd behaved so rudely to me the day before.

But as time passed me by in those five minutes, Damien didn't show up. Leo and Nick watched me curiously, probably wondering what had gone down and soon enough, one of them sent me a note.

Elegantly written in a small piece of paper were the words:

What's wrong?

Clicking my pen to life, I scribbled back:

It's just Damien. He sort of...blew up on me yesterday.

I wasn't quite sure on whether or not to explain. Maybe they already knew, after all Damien told them everything right? Yet, the response I got surprised me.

Care to elaborate?

Making sure Mr. Waters wasn't watching me, I ducked behind my standing textbook and wrote at a furious speed:

Yesterday, when we got to talking about the project and I admitted that I didn't know a thing on the subject matter, he started to get upset. Then, someone named 'Jessie' called and said that some guy was on their way over to his house and he just FORCED me out of the house. He was so rude! And I just...I don't know what to think! It just wasn't like him. Not Damien at all...

I tossed the paper ball at Leo when Mr. Waters had his back to us. He caught it and quickly read through it, smiling at something with no trace of humor. He passed the note through Nick this time, who read the contents of the paper before giving it to me with somewhat of a grim look on his face.

Opening up the crumpled surface of the paper, I read the six words that Leo had written to end the conversation. The words that had my heart pounding unevenly within my chest.

You don't even know him, Makayla. You don't know Damien at all.

The End

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