An Abrupt Goodbye

I've never been the confrontational type. Bold, I am but I hated being inquisitive. Yet, there was something about Damien that I couldn't shake off. His flirting enraged me but the way he continuously snubbed me off sometimes...

It was intriguing.

Just when I was about to open my mouth and ask him, his phone started ringing. And, another surprise came my way. His ringtone was a classical piece... Damien liked classical music? Since when do big hunks of man listen to soft pianos and violins strumming?

What came next was what truly gripped me in shock.

"Hello?" Damien said, turning away from me slightly. "Yeah Jess, sure... Wait. Oh. He's on his way now?! Great, I can't believe this... Where are you?"

He sounded pretty upset and I couldn't help but notice that his grip on his phone tightened, the skin over his knuckles growing abnormally white. 

"Fine, I'll just," he glanced over at me, "send my guest away."

Snapping the phone shut, he stood up and looked down at me with an uncalled expression of irritation. "You have to go now."

"But why?" 

Bending down to pick up my bag, he shoved it at me and then walked over to the front door, pulling me along. This was certainly not gentlemanly like.

"I'll see you Sunday," he muttered, pushing me out. 

And then, he slammed the door in my face. 

The End

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