That was when I lost it. 

"You know about the project?!" I got to my feet immediately, taking a step forward and getting ready to launch my body at Damien. He didn't so much as flinch at my reaction, smiling still from the couch opposite mine. In fact, it was probably a good thing that Leo had shot to his feet and wrapped an arm around my waist to hold me back.

"Easy Makayla," he muttered, forming an iron grip on my wrist to keep me from throwing myself at the one person I so wanted to murder in this world. 

"You saw the text, and you didn't reply?!" 

To say that Damien was even the least bit scared would be an outright lie. No, he was completely happy with my reaction, a look of accomplishment crossing his face as he grinned and crossed his arms triumphantly over his chest.

"That's right."

"And you didn't pick up when I called you!"

"You see my dear," he said, crossing his legs as he grinned up at me. "I missed you so very much that I wanted you to come visit me. And I knew I would have no other way to do so unless I acted like I hadn't read your text or seen your calls."

That was it. I'd had it up to the maximum limit. "I'm leaving," I muttered, dragging Leo with me as I headed toward the front door. I was surprisingly strong for him as he dug his feet into the floorboards. That, or he wasn't trying. Probably the latter.

"Give him another chance Makayla."

"No, I won't. He's insufferable," I responded.

Just when I was about to set step out of the house, Damien's voice called out cheerfully, "Happy failing!"

The End

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