The 'Leo Charms'

"So are you looking forward to seeing Damien again?" Leo asked as we moved down the bus. I scooted into the window seat and he sat by me. The seats were rather tight but due to the fact that both of us were quite lean, we didn't have much difficulty in keeping a physical distance.

"Not as much as I am in spending time with you," I retorted.

Leo grinned, that annoying smirk that I'd found that most guys in this planet would flash at a girl just to anger her. 

"Remind me again why you hate me so much." 

"You're cocky. And you're a guy which adds more to the cockiness," I pointed out. 

The bus lurched to life, causing me to graze shoulders with him a little. Goosebumps ran up my arm as I glared into those ocean blue depths of his eyes. 

"Most women love that about me," he teased, still smiling.

"Well, you clearly haven't met the right girl," I replied, trying so hard not to break eye contact with him though I felt this blush rise up my cheek. 

Leo noticed but didn't say anything. Instead, he smiled at me then looked to the front of the bus. I sighed in relief.

Whether or not I liked to admit it, there was something about him that threw me off. Not only was he attractive in a mysterious kind of way but every single time he leaned forward and spoke into my ear had me somewhat on edge, in a good way. Was he like this with all girls? Does he even have a girlfriend?

The End

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