Just Leo and I

The rest of the school day seemed to whiz by, much to my dismay. And soon, the hour was upon me. When the final bell signalling the end of the day rang, I slowly stood up from my seat and packed my bag before joining the two others in the front of the room. 

Nick had a mischievous smile on his lips as he eyed Leo and me. He was walking behind us, for a reason I didn't know and didn't care to ask about while Leo stayed by my side. I was waiting for the teasing to start, the irritating prodding. But both of them stayed quiet till we made it out of the busy hallway and out to the front of the school campus. 

I followed Leo, having no real idea of where we were going but Nick from behind us cleared his throat. "So I guess I'll be seeing you two tomorrow." 

"Hold on," I said, turning around to catch Nick by the sleeve before he could make his escape. "Where are you off to mister?"

"To see Amy of course," he said, blinking innocently. 

"So I'm going with Leo?" I asked, not even putting an attempt to conceal the disgust in my voice. Nick grinned and nodded as I made a face but Leo slightly nudged me on the hip before whispering into my ear, "Yep, it's just you and I Makayla."

"Stop doing that!" I yelled, swatting him away. Laughing, Leo tugged my hand and beckoned towards the school bus. 

"We don't want to be late." 

I grunted and let him pull me away from Nick who laughed heartily at the sight. I was letting go of my one lifesaver in this place. 

Oh joy. 

The End

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