Leo's 'Mr. Right'

Nick and Leo grinned at me knowingly when I approached them during lunch break. After making my decision on the visit to Damien's during the free period, I'd pretty much been lounging about doing nothing. A part of me could not believe I was going through with this but I had to keep my grades up. No matter the circumstance, I just had to.

That's why, when the bell rang for lunch, I ended up looking all over the school for the two friends of the big buffoon. It never crossed my mind that they'd be out on campus, which is exactly where I found them in the end.

The school campus had a claim over the word 'beauty' in its own right. Damien had mentioned yesterday during his grand tour that the Environmental Club had taken a real effort into going all out 'eco' in almost every aspect. When one set foot out of the high school building, a rainbow of colors would be the first thing to see as flowers upon flowers were planted along the grass outlining the sidewalk. There were several trees providing shade and a good sit-out spot for students as well. It was at one such spot where Leo and Nick were relaxing.

They were both plopped under a tree, and when they saw me walking dreadfully slow towards them, they predicted what it was about.

"Ah, here she comes. It's Damien's bride," Leo teased. 

I shot a glare at him and muttered quietly, "I'm coming with you guys after school." 

They both looked at each other, exchanging a secret glance. Then Nick took the liberty of asking, "Why?"

"Because I have to do this stupid History project with Damien. And the teacher says I don't have a choice."

I hated admitting myself to Leo's prediction. He had such an idiotic expression that I just wanted to slap off his face right now. "I knew this was going to happen" was stamped across his forehead as he grinned at me knowingly. 

"Ah, I pity you," he said. 

Not saying a word, I sat down on the grass and joined the two for the break. I just wanted to get this day over with and that would mean accepting the fact that I'd have to put up with Damien today as well. 

The End

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