It's Official

The ring went on and on...continuously. But no one picked up. This was the fourth time I was trying yet either Damien really was sick and was resting or he just wasn't near his phone. 

"Pick up, darn it," I muttered. 

I really didn't want to go through the trouble of actually visiting him at his house after school. Though I knew the offer was still standing and Damien actually did believe I was coming...

I couldn't believe it. I didn't really have another choice. I should inform him about the project as soon as possible so that we could plan on when to meet up and work on it together. And I have no clue on how difficult this project actually is so it's best to do it soon. 

Which could only mean one thing: I'd have to go with Leo and Nick to Damien's house after school.

Groaning weakly on the inside, I punched a quick message to my dad:

Coming home late. Have some projects to work on with friend. We could re-schedule our date for later? See you when I see you.

So it was officially decided. I'd be seeing Damien after school.

The End

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