Breaking The Rules

The library was pretty secluded at this time of day. I'd found my way quite easily due to my loitering around this particular area yesterday. Just the vast choices of books and stories to indulge into excited me. It was a break-away from my current situation. 

Yet, as I walked up and down the rows, hands skimming the spines of different books I couldn't get my mind off of Damien. The news of us doing the same project together would delight him. Not only would he have an excuse to pester me but he'd be hogging most of my time. 

Sighing, I sat down on one of the couches they had in a closed area of the library and took out my phone. Browsing through my contacts, I found Damien and clicked on the "Send Message" option. 

Quickly, I typed in:

Mr. Waters wants us to do the History project together. 

Reply asap to this text.

I clicked on send then waited a while for the familiar buzzing of my phone, hoping that Damien would respond. But he didn't. 

Ten minutes passed with no reply. 

Sighing, I decided to call him, knowing that I would regret it deeply later. 

The End

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