No Choice

My jaw dropped open. Truly, this was becoming the next-to-worst day of my life. 

"Excuse me?"

"I have no other choice Summers. Damien's the only one within the class doing a solo project. It's best you pair up with him for this project. It was only recently started so the work will be evenly spread between you two." 

"But Sir I-"

"No buts. You're going to do this project because that's the only choice you have."

I exhaled deeply. This was turning out exactly the way I'd hoped it wouldn't. Now I'd be forced to meet up with my eternal enemy on a regular basis. And I would have to inform Damien about this since he wasn't at school. 

This was just great.

"Alright Sir," I muttered, giving the teacher a little nod. "I' the project with Damien." 

The teacher relaxed and smiled. "You have time so don't stress yourself out over this. Besides, Damien's an excellent student, which is why he wanted to do this project by himself in the first place. So I believe he must have done some work already. It'll lessen the burden on you."

Excellent student? Damien? He always seemed more like a jock to me so I couldn't help but be taken by surprise. I ended up nodding again and walking out of the classroom quietly to an empty hall.

Most of the students had already dispersed to their next classes but as by my schedule I had a free period now. And I had the idea of going to the library...

The End

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