An Unfortunate Consequence

Mr. Waters didn't seem too amused with my answer. Instead, just as the bell rang, he beckoned me with his finger before I could hurry out the classroom. Slowly, I walked back to the front desk, knocking roughly against Leo on the way.

"Yes Sir?" I asked innocently, trying to top my voice off with pure honey so he wouldn't criticize me for my extreme lack of knowledge. Mr. Waters didn't fall for it thought, continuing to look at me with a disapproving expression on his face.

"Ms. Summers, you do realize that you are behind on the syllabus because of your late admittance to the school?"

"Yes Sir, I do," I said, trying to imitate a perfectly serious voice. "But I shall try my best to catch up on whatever I've missed."

"I'm afraid we're too late for that," the teacher muttered, shaking his head before leaning back against the desk and staring at me intently. "Listen Makayla, first term is about to finish in two weeks and whether or not you like it, I will have to submit your grade for the report card."

"I understand."

"So I'll have to pair you up with Damien for the ongoing project." 

The End

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