The Red Indians?

It was at that moment of denial when the teacher walked in. Mr. Waters wasn't as bad as most of the other teachers who I've had teach me History. The only reason I disliked him was because he had quite an eye for making sure whether or not I was paying attention to the lesson.

And today was one bad day when he decided to ask me a question. 

I was still fuming about what Leo had done. The last thing I wanted to do now was go visit the one guy who tortured my very soul. And the way Leo had leaned in the second time, just for show I bet, and made such an...almost intimate gesture made me want to murder him first.

Why did the class president have to be such an ass?


My head snapped left and met the stern eyes of the teacher. "Yes sir?" I asked.

"I have a question for you,"  he said, walking along the length of the aisle slowly, coming closer, and closer to me. "What Native American Indian tribe lived in what is now Arizona and New Mexico?"

I blinked. My mind raced for an answer and the more time I took, the deeper Mr. Waters' frown grew. I could hear Leo chuckling from behind me and my anger grew. Yet I had no idea.

I opened my mouth to say, "I don't know Sir..." but resulted with a sloppy, "The Red Indians?" 

And that was when the whole class burst into laughter. At me. 

The End

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