Curse You Leo!

Turning around abruptly, that I almost toppled off my chair, I slammed my hand hard on the surface of Leo's desk. Too hard, that it stung. "WHAT?!"

I was lucky enough that the teacher hadn't entered the class yet but I had successfully attracted the attention of the rest of the class. Their eyes were fixed upon me and Leo. Furthermore, the fact that my face was looming dangerously close to his was a topic of interest to the girls who begun to whisper among themselves. 

Leo, however, didn't take notice any of this. If he did, he chose not to care.  Instead, his blue eyes looked calmly into my dark brown ones. Leaning forward, he tucked in a stray strand of my black hair behind my ear. Smiling, he whispered once again, "Damien's going to love it."

Fuming, I hissed, "Curse you Leo."

He laughed. "I love you too." 

Sitting back on my chair, I avoided everyone's eyes and looked out the window once again with a steely expression. I was certainly not going to go Damien's house after school. 

No. Way. In. The. World. 

The End

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