Trying To Be Invisible

I made sure to sit in the farthest row, all the way to the back of the class for History. Not only was the teacher a bore and I preferred not be spotted doing something else than listening, but also because I wanted to avoid the two boys that entered the class with the aim of coming to get me. 

Sinking further down into my seat, I tried to make sure that the guy seated in front of me hid their view but of course, Leo managed to track me down. He whispered something to Nick who turned and met my gaze.

Quickly, I looked out the window and pretended I wasn't paying any attention to them. Their footsteps grew closer to me, and eventually, the sound of them settling into their desks (Leo behind me and Nick on the side) was proof enough that they wouldn't stop bothering me. 

"Hello again," Leo whispered into my ear in a way that sent chills down my spine. 

I crossed my arms tighter over my chest and looked out the window, at the several young kids that were playing on the basketball court.

"So I told Damien you're coming."

It was then that I snapped. 

The End

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