Damien's Offer

Snapping off my phone, I thrust it into an open pocket in my bag before crossing my arms across my chest and seething in quietness. Leo watched me with a grin on his face whereas Nick didn't seem as jolly to see me in such a mood.

"He's really flirting you up isn't he?" Nick asked timidly. 

"You have no idea how much I wish he was gay so he was going at it with you guys instead of me," I groaned, eyes remaining fixed on the white board upon which Mrs. Hammond was writing. I was one of the few that actually had interest in it though as majority of the class spent their time chatting with friends.

"He sent me a message," Leo announced.

I clenched my fists.

"He says the reason why he's not at school is because he has a fever and that he would really appreciate it if we went to visit him after school."

The two looked at me intently, waiting for my acceptance. 

"You guys are joking right?" I asked, astonished.

They shook their heads.

"I am not going. If you want to go, fine but I'm not sticking along to see the one person who has made my life a living hell." 

Then before the two could argue on behalf of their friend, the bell rang. I stood up and bolted out of the classroom. To think they actually wanted me to visit Damien, the nerve of it! He was probably fibbing after all. I mean, who falls sick so unexpectedly? 

The End

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