Annoying Texts

The vibration of my phone inside my pocket caused me to jump slightly on the chair. Nick and Leo eyed me suspiciously as I fished out my mobile and clicked on the 'open' option for the two new messages.

Both were from Damien. What does he want now?

Before I had a had a chance to even view the messages he'd sent, somebody else's phone buzzed off as well. Turning around, I saw Nick take out his own little device and grin at the screen. 

"Damien's pestering me to see if you checked your messages May." 

I rolled my eyes at him. How desperate is this guy? 

The first message read:

Missing me already sweetheart?

I would have thrown the phone at the wall right then and there but I managed (just barely) to contain my anger and read the second text:

Oh, and I bet I sweetened your dreams up real nice didn't I?

Clicking on the reply button, I jammed furiously onto the screen:

Can you NOT leave me alone for one day? Seriously! You're such a pest! And if you showed up in my dreams, I would call it a nightmare. Leave me be Damien! 

Within a few seconds, I got a reply. Leo and Nick seemed to be watching me with interest but I paid no attention to them as they snickered quietly.

You know you love me. You just can't face it May. But don't worry. I'll wait for you. 

I wanted to kill him. So badly. 

The End

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