Package Deals I Hate

"So what exactly did Damien say to you yesterday before you hung up on him?" Nick asked. 

My friendly gaze turned venomous. "You know too?"

"Well we all come together as a full package deal Makayla," Leo added coolly. I glared at him. I should really get new friends if I was going to have to deal with this kind of group every day. 

One thing I say to Damien will be known by the others as quick as I'd said it. And it applied to Leo and Nick as well. Just because Damien had the 'hots' for me doesn't mean they should spread word around like wildfire.

"Maybe I should get a different package from you three," I murmured, setting my arms down on the desk and leaning forward to hide my face. 

"Oh, don't you say that," Nick said comfortingly, patting my head. "We're pretty awesome once you get to know us."

"Oh you're my favorite," I said, looking up and giving Nick the smallest smile who brightened up at the comment.


"It's the other two I despise."

I didn't have to turn around to know that Leo was very amused by this. Other than Damien, he was just the next doofus on the planet who I could not get. He seemed so talkative and flirty at times, and the next, back to 'boring and laid back robot' mode. 

Both of them confused me. And I hated being confused. Especially by guys. 

The End

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