Mrs. Hammond

We came to a slow stop in front of another room. I could hear a voice drone on from the inside and I assumed it belonged to the teacher. Our class didn't seem to be listening though, a lot of students talking at the same time but the teacher didn't seem to care.

"You ready then?" Leo asked, going back to 'bored mode' as he composed his face to an expression of complete monotony. I shrugged. Would I ever be?

Leo opened the door and pushed me in before taking his step forward. Throwing a quick glare over my shoulder, I turned forward once more and smiled at the teacher who watched me like a hawk from behind her thick spectacles.

"And you are?" she asked dryly.

"Makayla Summers," I answered. 

The teacher turned her back to me once more and towards the white board, going on about Macbeth or some literary piece that I could not quite get. Leo lightly tugged at my sleeve and headed towards the back of the class where there were a few unoccupied desks. 

Some of the others greeted me as I walked down the aisle in between the organization of desks. They looked at me curiously as I plopped down on the desk between Leo and Nick (who smiled at me and greeted good morning). I really was going to have to watch out for the attention I get when I hang out with these two. If I was going to stick with these guys, I'd have to be aware of the dangers involved. 

"Sorry on behalf of Mrs. Hammond. She's a boring old crow," Nick said cheerfully.

I couldn't help but grin at his choice of words and leaned back against my desk. Maybe this school year won't be so bad - if I counted just Damien's absent days.

The End

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